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Zhejiang Baijiade Car Organizer Co., Ltd is China Car Back Seat Organizer Manufacturers and OEM Car Seat Back Bag Factory, we offer Custom Car Back Seat Organizer for sale at factory price. Our company has a strong R&D team, which can develop and produce products according to the drawings or samples provided by customers. And we have self-support import and export rights, and its products are mainly exported to dozens of countries such as the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, Russia, Australia, the United States, and Canada. Looking forward to your message.
The production of all products is strictly implemented in accordance with the standard process (drawing - sample - material preparation - sewing - inspection - packaging - delivery).
Among the cooperative customers are large supermarket customers and customers of e-commerce platforms such as Amazon. The company has applied for more than 20 new utility patents and appearance patents, and one trademark. It has a complete management system and adheres to the concept of quality first and technological innovation.


Car Seat Back Bag Industry Knowledge Extension

What are the car back seat organizers?
A car back seat organizer is an accessory mounted on the back of a front seat in a car to organize and store various items such as books, toys, gadgets, snacks, and drinks. They are usually made of durable materials such as polyester, nylon or leather and come in a variety of sizes and designs to suit different needs and preferences.
A car back seat organizer may have pockets, pouches and compartments of different sizes and shapes, enabling users to store and organize their items in a convenient and easy-to-use manner. Some organizers also have built-in features, such as tablet holders, paper towel dispensers, and cup holders, making them even more practical and versatile.
There are several benefits to using a car back seat organizer, including:
Keep Your Car Tidy: By providing designated spaces for different items, the car back seat organizer helps reduce clutter and keep your car clean and tidy.
Increased storage space: The car back seat organizer helps optimize the use of interior space by providing additional storage options for items that may not have designated locations elsewhere in the vehicle.
Increased Convenience: Items are stored neatly and organized, making them easier to find and access when needed, providing greater convenience to passengers.
Entertainment: Some car back seat organizers have built-in tablet holders that allow passengers to watch movies, play games or read books during long car trips.
Overall, the car back seat organizer is a useful accessory for anyone who wants to keep their car organized and tidy, while also providing additional storage space and convenience for passengers.
Suggestions for use of car seat back bag:
A car seat back bag is usually located on the back of the front seats and is used to organize and store owner and passenger items. Here are some suggestions for using car seat back pockets:
Storing Sundries: The car seat back pocket can be used to store various items, such as umbrellas, water bottles, mobile phones, wallets, books, toys and more. By using the rear pocket, these items can be avoided from being cluttered in the car, which not only makes the car tidy, but also makes it convenient for passengers to access items at any time.
Avoid debris sliding: During driving, debris may slide or fall to the ground, which is not only easy to cause inconvenience, but also may distract the driver's attention. Using the rear pocket can avoid debris from sliding and make driving safer.
Provide passenger entertainment: If the passenger needs to spend some time in the car, such as a long trip, the rear pocket can provide more entertainment options. Passengers can store books, magazines, tablets, etc. in the rear pocket for easy access at any time.
EASY CLEAN-UP: Using the rear pockets makes clean-up easier in the car as everything has a specific place. If the need arises, just clean out and organize the back pockets instead of searching for items throughout the car.
In conclusion, the car seat back bag is a very practical car accessory that can help car owners and passengers better manage and organize their items. By using rear pockets, the interior of the car can be made tidier, safer and provide more entertainment options.
What are the specifications of the car seat back bag?
A car seat back bag is an automotive accessory for storing and organizing passenger items that attaches to the back of the front seat. While car seat back bag specifications and designs vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, there are generally the following specifications:
Small: A car seat back bag of this size is usually about 30-40 cm long, 20-25 cm wide, and 10-15 cm deep. They are suitable for storing small items such as mobile phones, wallets, glasses, snacks and drinks, etc.
Medium: The car seat back bag of this size is usually about 40-50 cm long, 25-30 cm wide, and 15-20 cm deep. They are larger than small back pockets and can store more items such as books, folders, toys, electronic devices and more.
Large: A car seat back bag of this size is usually about 50-60 cm long, 30-35 cm wide, and 20-25 cm deep. Their biggest advantage is that they have more storage space and can store more items, such as blankets, pillows, clothes, etc.
In addition to the above specifications, the car seat back bag can also have different designs and functions, such as built-in cup holders, tissue boxes, tablet holders, etc. When purchasing a car seat back bag, you should choose the appropriate specifications and functions according to actual needs to meet your personal needs.